Colin Snapp was born in 1982 on Lopez Island WA and lives and works in New York NY. Recent exhibitions include "National Charter" at The Journal Gallery, New York; "Park" at Self Titled,
Tilburg, Netherlands, "356 Sculptures" at 356 Mission Road, Los Angeles CA; " Regional NV" at Unosunove Galerie, Rome,IT; "Christian Rosa/Colin Snapp" at Ibid Projects, 4619 W.Washington
Blvd, Los Angeles CA; "Zelda Zonk" at Préface, Paris, France "Panorama" at The Odeon in Vienna AT; "Discovering Slowness" at Tabacka Cultural Center, Kosice, SR; "Colin Snapp/Daniel Turner"
at Martos Gallery, New York, NY; and a video screening at the Whitney Musuem of American Art. In 2013 Snapp was commisioned to produce two feature length videos that focus on public
relations within the American National Park System.